Monday, September 5, 2011

Improvements in the village of Bellaire, OHIO

Today I noticed major improvements in the village of Bellaire, OHIO.

People cleaning, painting and making the village better!

I also saw a street cleaner out and about!

Was nice to see.

Look forward to future improvement!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bellaire Ohio

I am so excited, coming home in Oct.  Been 2 yrs.  Bellaire is home, I had a wonderful childhood on Franklin st. with the kids.  Frank and Fritz Long, Ed, jr Goodman and Joe, Paul and Helena Zuesy, Betty lou Whitt, Betty Davis, Bill Duvall.  I write to Bill D. have no idea where the others are.  Jean and Mary Coggins, Jean is in shadyside.  If anyone knows where these dear ones are, post in on the Bellaire site.  Do something about the ugly rundown houses, they scare me, imagine what they do to children.  My Grandparents, Ben and Blanche Scott built the home on 3837 Harrison.  It is a mess.  I am going to knock on their door and see why they can't fix it up.
I went to Bellaire schools, going to start Nurses training here in Marion , next August.  I am the first applicant for that class and I am 80.  I am so excited.  love, my Bellaire.  Blanche Scott Goetze.  Scotty and his Gulf station, was my Dad.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our town!

Lets try to get our town back to how it use to b!!

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Bellaire, OHIO church!

Bellaire, Ohio First United Presbyterian

Bellaire, OHIO pictures

Bellaire, OHIO pictures.

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